RITHCO®floc – Products

Flocculation aids for all areas
of solid / liquid separation


The RITHCO®floc Products are synthetic polyelectrolytes based on polyacrylamide.

They are used for increasing the size of water bourne particles to improve separation both in manufacturing processes and in water and sludge treatment.

Products are available in three different charge natures: anionic, non-ionic and cationic. All three are available in powder, and liquid forms.
Working mechanism

Working mechanism

RITHCO®floc products are activated by dissolving in water through equipment designed for the purpose.

In the development of a program the conditions in the process must be considered; including dosing point of the polymer and turbulence zones such as bends and other machine parts that can destroy the formed flocs.

RITHCO®floc advantages

  • Strong reduction of polluting load in the waste water

  • Higher dry content of the sludge

  • Lower dumping costs

  • Improved stability of operation


The RITHCO®floc products are offered in following physical variations:

  • Easy and fast dispersing granules with almost 100 % active substance
  • Thin, stable and easy to dose emulsions (as water in oil) with a high content of active substance

Food Contact Regulations

The composition of RITHCO®floc products comply with the German regulation, outlined in the latest version of recommendation XXXVI (Paper and board for food wrapping) of the BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung)