About us

RITHCO Papertec GmbH
Focused on Good Quality, Clean Water and Energy Saving

RITHCO is a science and experience based company that is focused on serving customers in energy-intensive and water-intensive industries, especially the paper industry.

The company offers energy and water quality and quantity management that improves efficiency of our customers. Our goal is to provide top customer results in order to be one of the leading energy and water saving companies.

Our Know-How


We offer special chemical products and integrated systems that help customers in the water-intensive pulp and paper industry to improve their paper quality, water, raw material and energy efficiency and through that customer profitability. Our solutions support sustainable development.

Municipal & Industrial

We offer systems and chemicals for water treatment for industrial customers and municipalities. Our strengths are high-level application know-how, a comprehensive range of water treatment, and reliable customer deliveries. We are specialized in the area of plastic recycling water treatment.