RITHCO®fix – Products

Anionic trash removers for paper and board manufacturing
(ATC – Anionic Trash Catcher)


The RITHCOfix – products are strongly cationic polymeric trash removers for the use in the board and paper manufacturing, as well as in the water treatment circuits.

Working mechanism

Target of trash removers is to eliminate, respectively neutralize anionic charge carriers in the pulp.

Results with RITHCO®fix products

Improvements to retention of fines and colloids , with better drainage and lower usage of additives, are achieved by using RITHCO®fix as an anionic trash remover in conjunction with polymers such as RITHCO®ret.

Lower concentrations of recycling fines within the circuits lowers the incidence of uncontrolled deposits on surfaces and in drainage elements such as wires and felts. The quality characteristics of the paper or board are improved.

Advantages of RITHCO®fix

  • Reduction concentrations of retention disturbing substances

  • Improvement of retention properties

  • Reduction in the use of retention aids

  • Improved machine cleanliness

  • Simple dosing

  • Fresh water for a make down is not necessary

  • Improvement in dye and filler use rates and distribution