forming micro-bubbles through an independent air inlet


The Airjec® is a unique device for the formation of air micro-bubbles to replace conventional pressurized vessel aeration systems on flotation water clarifiers.

A relatively small flow of water is used to kinetically draw in air by suction from the surrounding atmosphere. The configuration of the mixing chamber is designed to form a bubble size distribution ideally suited to particle flotation.

Features – What Airjec does Better

  • Kinetic energy is used to draw in air
  • Feed water clarity does not impact efficiency so used in aeration
  • Low volume and pressure of aerated water
  • Bubble-size distribution optimized for flotation
  • Aeration is not dependent on water quality
  • Improved aeration has shown lowering of COD measurements
  • Straight forward installation
  • No moving parts in Airjec
  • System is more controllable
  • No large pressure-vessel
  • Chemical injection through unit
  • Units supplied to papermills are fully guaranteed

Airjec® benefits – What Plant can Gain

  • Lower energy required lowering operating costs significantly. No air compressor needed

  • Potential for increase of 25% in clarifier capacity

  • Smaller aerated water pump. Lower pump wear - less maintenance

  • Improved water quality. Better sludge density and consistency

  • Stability of system is improved

  • Lower organic load recycling in system. Potential downstream cost reductions

  • Low maintenance and high durability

  • Less operator dependence

  • No requirement for insurance inspection space saving

  • Improvement in polymer distribution, better chemical action, water dilution savings

  • No questions refund for paper applications (other industries on application)