GUAR for strength increase

a natural strengthener


With years of development work, we have adapted the most useful hydrocolloid guar gum, to the specific conditions of modern paper production.

We use chemical modifications to develop high-quality additives that can be employed productively in pulp, in size presses and in coating formulations.

With their low concentrations of use and quality advantages, our products are a competitive alternative to starch.

The POLYGAL brand includes a wide range of non-ionic, anionic and cationic derivatives that offer useful effects when added at appropriate points in the production process.

Our technical service is available to help you make sure to use the right product in the right place and in the optimal amount.

Our technicians may recommend circle studies or laboratory analyses in some situations. We can provide technical assistance for industrial trials upon request.

GUAR advantages

  • Reduction of time and energy needed for grinding

  • Reduction of impurities

  • Improvements in papers’ strength/resistance properties

  • Sheet formation

  • Control of dewatering on the wire of the paper machine

  • Control of retention

  • Dust reduction in papers with high ash content

  • Improved printability

  • Film formation (size press)

  • Strength improvements (size press)