RITHCO®clean PI is a special cleaning formulation that can be used to clean a wide variety of paper mill surfaces safely and effectively. It has been developed to reduce surfaces deposits to a minimum and help prevent further deposits.

Working mechanism

RITHCO®clean-PI wets out surfaces reducing their affinity for hydrophobic contamination.


Despite the good environmental profile the product a strong solvent and wetting agent. Prior to every application the special warnings of the Material Safety Data Sheet are to be observed. Due to its formulation this product cannot replace any biocides.

RITHCO®clean-PI is effective in many locations in a paper mill; in the paper or board machine or in the sewage treatment plant where deposition is the cause of problems such as drainage through belts.

The dosing quantity and the dilution ratio depends on the situation and the objectives.

Results with RITHCO®clean-PI

With the use of RITHCO®clean-PI surfaces will be definitively cleaner and a further and improved protection against future contamination is achieved.

As the exact treatment depends on the type and the degree of contamination, the optimum quantity is established by small trials.

RITHCO®clean PI advantages

  • Not hazardous for humans (please see MSDS for details)

  • 100 % biodegradable according to MITI-Test (OECD 302B)

  • Simple dosing

  • Dilution with water in any ratio

  • Simple handling

Food Contact Regulations

The composition of the RITHCO®clean products complies with the in the latest version of German regulation, BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung XXXVI (Paper and board for food wrapping).