Service for good paper quality, clean water and energy saving

RITHCO Papertec

Our Vision

We offer special concepts to optimize water saving processes as well as energy savings and effectivity of the used additives.

Chemical Additives

A broad spectrum of chemical additives for the production of paper, Tissue board or cellulose is in our program.

Mechanical Devices

Specialized devices and technical instruments for the support at water treatment, and production of paper, tissue board or cellulose can be obtained.

Why RITHCO Papertec?

The demand for paper, board, tissue and specialty papers will increase in the next years. The same will happen with water and energy due to the actual municipal development and population growth. This and climate changes increase pressure on the raw material situation.

Only 2.5% of obtainable water is sweet water, but only a small part of this is available as drinking water.

Will we have sufficient water in the near future? As drinking water for the population, and as usable water for the industry?

We need for this progressive water treatment technologies and absolute experts in water treatment. Lack of water leads us to be innovative.

More worries we have at the moment with the current energy situation. RITHCO Papertec has set special targets here to help the high energy consuming industry.

  • Save Energy

    Energy need and energy costs have been rising constantly and we help with innovative systems and devices to keep this energy consumption in an acceptable range.


    Environment has been suffering more and more through the use of chemical additives and we have concentrated our activities to find and offer environmentally friendly systems and solutions.


    What does it help to have environmental friendly products if they are not efficient? Also here we have chosen, due to our experiences and knowledge, a range of products that help to increase efficiency without losing sight of costs.


    Quality demands are getting higher and higher. Also here is our concentration on a certain product range. And: Quality starts at yourself.