The Contech-System for Felt Cleaning


The development of a strategy to obtain the maximum efficiency of the treatment is based on the balance between the following items:

  • Chemical Reactivity
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical Impact Action

Treatment strategy

The treatment strategy will then be developed in three steps.

  • Selection of the right chemical additive to achieve best results in the defined strategy
  • Temperature, which is a very important factor in the cleaning strategy
  • the right equipment to efficiently apply the chemicals

This all is done with the special patented Contech-System.



Contech System benefits

  • Greater cleaning efficiency, reducing or eliminating the frequency of machine shut downs for felt and wire washing

  • Better performance on the machine stability and a decrease on the number of sheet breaks

  • More uniform moisture profile (CD) and quality

  • Improves thickness and resilience of felt during the life

  • An increase on the machine productivity due to a greater sheet water removal

  • An increase on the felt’s useful life and a consequent decrease on the number of the felt’s replacements

  • Elimination of handling and the use of harmful substances in the work place as well as in the environment

  • Reduction of problems and costs with the effluent treatment

  • Reduction of energy cost (for the dryer section)